Today, Concrete Lifestyles believes in the potential of all types of concrete design inside and outside of the home including concrete fire tables or fire pits in Vancouver, concrete furniture, and other concrete applications and accents.

Concrete Lifestyles is an evolution of a previous business that I owned 20 years ago. That business focused on traditional concrete applications and emerging new trends like stamped concrete and concrete floors. Later, I started to see newer and exciting trends coming out of California, pioneered by the likes of Fu Tung Cheng. I sought out his first book and was sold.

I was building a house for my family at the time and decided to put in concrete countertops in my Vancouver area home. I loved the versatility in design, the potential for colour applications and the wonderful timelessness of the look. These first countertops were a huge success. Visitors to our home were surprised when they found out our countertops were concrete, until we told them they had no idea that they were looking at and touching concrete. I could see the “wow factor!”

Ever since then, I have been convinced that the potential for concrete design in our homes and in our outdoor living spaces are endless.  All of our pieces are hand made and each one unique, created in our studio in Maple Ridge.  Fire Tables are now an emerging trend in the marketplace and we are excited about the potential as people expand their living spaces to the outdoors.  Today Concrete Lifestyles is focused on these endless possibilities and working with you, our customers to turn vision into reality .

Richard Whalen
President Concrete Lifestyles